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When I was younger ... I hang dry vagina (View 34060/Answer 47)
When I was younger ... I hang dry.

I have not burned onto the golden age. However, some women may have a dry vagina. The inflammation and infection. This should do it again.

Technical singer Amy Winehouse had to campaign for women's care and attention I give up. Even her own. The song itself is just not that Peawprakas. "Va-Jay-Jays" do not call other people I do not own it.

The singer avant Eked an that Lady Gaga is to focus on taking care of it it's no less than by the more recently she was younger, did not have sex for many months now, so she is more vulnerable to infections. infection of the vagina is less than it should be.

However, it's just me. Women may be less important to many. Even if it's dry and symptoms that have not reached menopause. We should start with the health conscious there's more to it.

 What is vaginal dryness.

The vagina is a natural lubricant. This is a clear sticky mucus viscosity during ovulation, then the other. Vaginal mucus that is clear and very viscous. In order to increase the lubrication of the vagina. We feel that this Allows sperm to mix with the eggs easier. And reduce the friction from the sex organs of both parties bruised or torn, however, women of reproductive age, some may be found associated with vaginal dryness and others who have not reached the age to be the cause of the health of the vagina is. was not good enough.

 symptoms of vaginal dryness is not.

At that. Woman's vagina is already a natural lubricant. But if you have vaginal dryness are burning, itching and irritation. However, some people without symptoms of vaginal discharge and vaginal dryness and bleeding. I had an infection in the vagina. The time to have sex without lubricant to flow out. The implant is a penis traction. Wounds and abrasions to the vaginal infections more easily. It is unfortunate, it may be infected with the HIV without knowing it.

 What are the reasons I like.

 infection in the vagina. It could be a fungus or bacteria. Despite the good kind. The cells lining the vagina is dry. Some people may feel dry and itchy inflammation.

 certain drugs, such as high blood pressure medicines. Treatment of psychiatric disorders. Medications, allergies and cancer.

 disease, Sjogren's Syndrome is a disease of the immune system against itself. People who suffer from this disease will have symptoms of dry eyes, dry mouth and vaginal dryness.

 vaginal douching, which some women in the vagina is often clear that doing this makes the vagina dry and free from acidity.

 The hormone estrogen drop. Cells into the vaginal wall. Lack of resilience and vulnerability, which was estrogen levels decline. When they enter menopause. Not received chemotherapy. Or pelvic irradiation of the ovaries is reduced. As well as after birth and breastfeeding. The body is not ovulating naturally.

 good care of myself.

 A nourishing foods such as tofu, soy estrogen, etc..

 add moisture to the skin of the vagina, which will allow moisture to more than one day.

 use lubricants during sex recommend Nuru gel . To prevent wear and abrasion is a wound to the penis.

 refrain from vaginal douching. Doing this. Will result in loss of vaginal acidity. It is dry and easily irritated. And vaginal dryness. It can easily be infected.

Restaurant & Food Services  vagina should be avoided.

 garlic and cabbage. This helps to kill germs. The treatment of vaginal infections as well.

 onions and lettuce. The Korean cabbage. It reduces inflammation of the vaginal epithelium and help repair it.

 wheat, milk shakes, ice cream, dairy products and meat. All this makes the vagina as a wound or inflammation, more should be avoided.

 I also take care of it.

 wash, especially when water and soap. Should be washed thoroughly to clean soap scum. And dirt from the younger rats.

 Do not use scented soaps. It is for me. We do not need the smell of soap on the area. The better choice than regular soap.

 consult a doctor if there's anything wrong. Do not dispose of the chronic problems such as skin rash, and it's clear that I should consult a doctor. Diseases or disorders that do not.

 change tampons frequently, try to choose a very large size. And persistent change every 6 hours to avoid toxicity or Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) more

 wearing underwear made of cotton. Because it allows air to flow easier. And it gives me a skin rash with

 AIDS. To prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

 I always shower and clean it at least 2 times a day - morning and evening to avoid infection.

 regularly eat yogurt. Because of the good bacteria your body needs. In turn, the shaft and eating sugar. The sugar increases the amount of bacteria that are beneficial to health. The yogurt bacteria that will kill the bacteria that are beneficial to them.

 I also have vaginal dryness.

 1. Have more sexual activity. Do not forget to show me the body language on a regular basis. Because doing so would have to be lubricated regularly. The caressing touch on a regular basis. I have been able to stimulate the lubricating fluid.

 2. Inspection and examination. If we have problems, vaginal dryness and lack of water lubrication. We should go inside the walls of the vagina are uncommon. Inflammation or infection of the vagina and cervix or not. Let's see if the blood level of testosterone in women is not normal. If you are over the age of 40 years when it was found that testosterone levels were below standard. Should ask your doctor whether you should receive supplemental hormones or not. But some people just applied hormones. The moisture can come back to the original.

 3. Talk to your lover or husband. If a grievance is clear and well talk about it. If not, have sexual intercourse. The parties do not feel like this. Pan and vaginal secretions and not feel out of it if he wanted to soothe me. Or satisfy any outstanding issues in mind, it's clear it out.

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