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Climex (View 1391/Answer 0)
Two forms of climex several times in women. There is an climex continuous but separated by about 2 to 10 minutes, and climex continuous to side very quickly, even though all women are able to be satisfied with a number of times such as a. It is not every woman can do this.

However, that does not mean that you should not try. And you may be more successful. If you try it yourself alone. Since you are able to focus fully on their own. You need to add is do not stop smiling. You must maintain a high level of alert will continue, however, if after August first, and then insulation. Your penis in this active than the previous. Wait ten seconds before the trigger again. You may also benefit from the application of interest. (Of contraction and relaxation or Kmib vagina) to increase the response to your climex.

 As the heart of climex time is continuous. You may be lucky than the young man to give pleasure to oral sex. The reason is that you will get a boost at the clitoris  directly to the tongue, soft and flexible than a finger or penis. If you too thrilling. He was able to adjust the smooth. Until you feel comfortable, then I urge you to have it again.

Another way to prolong the life out of it. The combination of many things together. The first is to make his climex, with the tongue. Then join me in the vagina. (Or vice versa it) this way you will maintain a consistently high level of awareness is not exhaustive. 

While it may be better to extend the pleasure of sex. You just have to enjoy the journey with the destination, so do not do much. Just relax and have fun with it, then who knows.

You may be a jackpot of several consecutive times without trying it too.

From Lisa
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